Kirsten's Corner Jewelry

Signature Shepherd's Hook with Hand in 14K Gold


This is a gorgeous signature piece made from an existing antique shepherd's hook, a fastener that is great for closing chains or for hanging charms. The hook has some superior detailing, with a hand and leaf pattern around it. The piece has been cast from an original antique gold, made up from the backs of antique stick pins and Victorian pieces. The hook looks great with charms or just hanging, as can be seen from the images here. It even has a spinning swivel like the original antique.

The hook measures 1-1/2 inches in size and has details on both the front and back .It is solid 14 karat yellow gold. It is not marked but has been acid tested. The hook weighs 5.2 grams. There is a lot of versatility and beauty to this simple piece. 

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