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Cold Painted Horse Hoof Match-Strike

A nicely rounded and realistic horse hoof made in metal as a match striker. This piece is a wonderful antique desk item from the turn of the century. It is in great condition, with some age-appropriate wear to the paint that gives it a nice antique look. The horse hoof has some nice details, such as the nails painted on the edge, suggesting this piece was made by a skilled cold-paint artisan. Cold Painting was a technique popular in the 1870's in Austria whereby the paint would be added onto the metal with several layers of dust paint. The paint remains unfired and therefore unfixed to the metal object making the works very delicate and sought after pieces. The cold-painted technique is quite special, and today proves to be a lost art. The origin of this piece is unknown, most likely European, circa 1900. The hoof measures 3.5 at the base, and approximately 2.25 x 2 x 3.5 inches overall. Works perfectly as a match case with a strike, ready to have matches placed and held in the interior. A great desk object and a nice work of art, makes a great addition to any collection. Perfect for a horse enthusiast.

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