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Cherry Amber 1920’s Graduated Bakelite Bead Necklace


A charming bead necklace from the 1920's, made up of 41 cherry amber bakelite beads. The necklace is a fantastic item - with original beads and a vintage 14 karat gold clasp - it was recently restrung with red silk, which sets off the beads nicely.

The clasp is 14k yellow gold and works perfectly. It is unmarked but has been acid tested. The beads are graduated with the smallest measuring 5.8 by 9 mm and the largest measuring 15mm by 23 mm. They are shiny and have a lovely orange and deep red hue. The necklace is approximately 21 inches around.

The beads are phenolic resin Bakelite, one of the first plastics, a heat resistant and collectible item. This necklace is great for an everyday vintage look. In great condition.

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