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British Indian-Burmese Figural Landscape Repoussé Silver Bowl

This gorgeous Burmese Silver bowl from the late 19th- early 20th century features hand-hammered figural landscapes that create a historical narrative. The deep embossing or repoussé, and the hand-forming technique used in the making of this antique bowl are of note. The detailing of the ornate scrolls is exquisitely considered around the highly realistic figures. The figures have a surprising dimensionality; high quality silver works that have been hand-hammered like this one are a rare find. This bowl perhaps was once used as a silver presentation bowl during a special occasion- a script is found on the base that dates to 1903. The base reads: "Presented to Mr. and Mrs. Thompson, on the occasion of their wedding by the subalterns of the 79th C.I. "

The 79th C.I. was the Carnatic Infantry regiment of the British Indian Army. After the three Anglo-Burmese Wars of the 19th century, Burma became a British Colony and was renamed Myanmar. This bowl is a remarkable piece of history. It is in great condition for its age, and a sure conversation started. Some of the high relief points on the bowl have been deeply hand-hammered that the silver has been broken through,this is part of the actual making of the piece as is not to be considered damage. This is not visible to the naked eye, and does not detract from its beauty- in fact, this shows the labor involved in this unique piece. The bowl is 11 cm high by 19 cm in diameter, or 4-1/2 inches tall by 6-3/4 inches wide. The bowl weighs 18.9 oz t.

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