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Austro-Hungarian Empire Azurite 14K Gold and Diamond Pin


A 14k gold double-headed Austro-Hungarian eagle is mounted on top of a beautiful disc of Azurite. The swirling patterns in the Azurite look like the oceans of the world seen from above. The double-headed eagle is beautifully rendered in 14k gold, its feathers and talons have intricate detail. In a center shield, a single cut diamond is set into silver, complimenting the six double prongs that hold the Azurite in place. 

The Austro-Hungarian Empire lasted for 51 years, existing from 1857-1918 and dissolving after World War I. The pin has a militaristic look—like a medal awarded to a soldier or general. In its current state, the beautiful image would look great on a blazer or jean jacket for a contemporary Rock n’ Roll look. 

The pin weighs 14.9 grams. It has a diameter of 1 1/4” and is 1/4” thick. The thickness of the Azurite allows for its beautiful marbling to be seen three-dimensionally, and adds presence to the pin. The single cut diamond is 2mm. 

Circa 1880’s. 

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