Kirsten's Corner

Art Nouveau Sterling Silver and Gold Gilt Peanut Pill Box with Enamel

This sweet 2-1/2 by 1 inch sterling silver peanut box has a gold gilt wash and beautiful enamel paint all over it, which follows a decorative leaf motif. The enamel colors are yellow for the peanut, green for the foliage, and deep blue on the interior. It opens up with a single hinge and reveal a shiny interior, deep blue like the bottom of the ocean. There is one leaf that has missing enamel, but this does not deter from the beauty of the box, since the enamel has no chip or visible wear. The shape of the peanut is curious, and the box has humor. It is a fine piece from the Art Nouveau era, a time when nature inspired many decorative objects and ornament was just as important as function. This small box makes an excellent pill box, or a safe place to hold delicate jewelry items. Makes a lovely decorative object, and a great token of affection.

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