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Art Deco Sterling Silver and Enamel Handheld Mirror Pendant


This delicate small handheld mirror is made in Austria with its original bevelled glass, sterling silver guilloche engine-turned work, and embedded 14 KT yellow gold. A deep royal blue color decorates one side of the mirror; the oval mirror can be taken off and there is engine turned pattern underneath. The hand-held mirror is not quite a locket, but there is a secret hidden area under the mirror. If anything, this attention to detail shows the impeccable craftsmanship of this piece. There is some deterioration to the mirror, but this crackling affect is to be expected for its age and adds charm and age to this piece. It is still a functioning mirror as but could be remirrored if you see fit. The oval mirror measures 1-1/2 inches, and the piece 3 inches total, including the small bale that one could attach to a chain. There are some markings at the top loop of the handheld mirror, including 900, which is the silver mark. A bird head mark with a 2 indicates this piece is Austrian circa 1922. The white enamel on the piece is in great condition and the blue enamel still has a vibrant color. The silver feels soft to the touch making this piece is a lovely decorative item that can be worn or displayed. 

Pictured here is the handheld mirror on a chain. The chain is not included with this piece but is sold as a separate item in Kirsten's Corner.

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