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Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Emerald Devil Pendant


This platinum Art Deco pendant features nine single cut diamonds and an assortment of triangular and caliper cut emeralds to create a sparkling devil’s face. The pendant is masterfully handmade. Each emerald is individually cut to fit into the face like a jigsaw puzzle, ranging is shape from a marquis cut for the mouth to squares and triangles for the curves of the horns. Spaces for each stone were carefully carved out by hand, and beautiful milgrain work adds texture to the devil’s face. Incorporating the geometric design elements of the Art Deco era, this is a unique piece: we’ve never seen a devil’s face in a micro pave setting such as this one. Masterfully done, this piece is a conversation starter. 

Originally a tie tack, we’ve converted the piece into a pendant. It weighs just over 2 grams and measures 11/16” x 3/8” with an additional 5 x 6.8 mm bail. The pendant is unmarked but acid tests as platinum; the bail is 14k white gold. The single cut diamonds range from 1 to 2 mm. 

The pendant looks great alone, but looks even better with the Art Deco Platinum Diamond and Ruby Devil Pendant. Bring out your naughty side when you wear this stunning pendant!

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