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Art Deco Griffin Agate Intaglio Signet Ring in 9K Gold


This Art Deco intaglio ring features a dark brown agate carved with the image of a griffin. Circa 1923, the ring is made in the style of a rubbed over Victorian ring, with an elegant flush mount design seamlessly integrating the agate into the 9k gold bezel setting. The small but beautifully rendered griffin is upright with arms outstretched, and appears to be mysteriously holding a bundled up package, perhaps an offering. The oval shaped agate is a deep brown, and when held up to the light, reveals hues of dark red. 

The griffin is a mythical beast with the body of a lion and the wings of an eagle. It denotes strength, courage, and leadership. It is seen as a guardian and righteous protector. Intaglios, used as seals often containing a family crest, were also symbolic of protection. This griffin intaglio combines several powerful symbols, making this ring a great talisman for strength and protection. 

The ring contains several maker’s marks on its interior. The Y is the date symbol for 1923, and the anchor signifies that the ring was made in Birmingham. The mark JS&S stands for James Swann and Son. 

The ring weighs 4.1 grams. The agate measures 5/16” x 7/16”. This is a great unisex ring; it is a ring size 7.5, and could be resized. However, resizing would damage the hallmarks. 

A perfect ring to emphasize your courage, or to wear if you are in need of a protector in your life. 

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