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Antique Victorian Hair Mourning Bracelet


This hair bracelet is made of woven human hair, with a rope-like lace pattern that includes three equally spaced balls. Each ball measures 1/2 inch in size and is made of soft brown hair. Victorian mourning jewelry or memory jewelry was made of human hair, and worn as a sentimental reminder of a loved one. This bracelet has rich walnut brown braided hair in knotted rope like eternal knots. The whole bracelet has been carefully hand-made as was typical of high quality Victorian era jewelry. The bracelet has a fastening clasp at the end that is flexible, with wire on the interior so the hair bracelet can open and close easily. This bracelet is made for 7 inch wrist. The hair is in great impeccable for its age. Circa 1880.

The care that has been put into the making of this bracelet makes it a real treasure, loved and cherished by its original owner. This bracelet complements any romantic evening dress, adding elegance and history.

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