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Antique Sterling Silver & Black Agate Intaglio Seal


This wonderful antique intaglio seal features a carved agate portrait of a Greek-looking figure. The carving on the black agate gemstone is quite pronounced and the rendering is realistic. The profile of the young figure appears to be Greek, and the care and detail of the hair, the eyes and entire face of this person point to this piece being an antiquity. Stylistically the carving looks like an antiquity and it is housed in a very old, hand made sterling silver mount. The silver mount has been shaped around the piece of stone, and has a nice organic look to it resembling drapery. The handle of the stamp is made of dark and solid hardwood, with a sterling silver finial at end. The stamp measures 2-3/4 inches and the carved rock measures approximately 5/8 x 5/8 inches. The silver has been acid tested to be sterling.

This antique piece makes a wonderful addition to any collection. This stamp is still functional and could be used like a signet ring, as a personal seal, signature, or detail for important documents. Alternatively it is a beautiful art object. Circa 1820.

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