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Ancient Silver Drachma Coin with Medusa in 14K Gold Mount


Mounted in 14k gold, this silver drachma coin is from Ancient Greece circa 450 BC. On the frontside is the face of Medusa with venomous serpents for hair. On the back is an upright anchor with a crayfish on the right side and an upside down A on the left side. The coin is a drachma of Apollonia Pontica (Thrace)— the equivalent of the average daily wage in Ancient Greece. 

The coin is certified by Aber & Levine Ltd., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of jewelry set with ancient coins and a beacon in this genre. The 14k gold setting was hand made and designed specifically for this coin, taking its unique beauty into consideration in its design. The pendant comes with the Certificate of Authenticity from Aber & Levine. 

The 14k gold setting is teardrop shaped with an organic, wavy-edge around the coin’s bezel setting. There is a lovely texture to the gold that perfectly compliments the patina and silver coloring of the coin, emphasizing the beauty of the ancient treasure. The pendant looks incredible worn on a chain as a necklace, and makes a special piece of jewelry with a coin that is over 2,000 years old. 

In Greek mythology, Medusa was one of three Gorgon monsters—sisters with snakes for hair, who had the power to turn anyone who looked at them into stone. Perseus beheaded Medusa and gave the head to Athena to place in her shield and use as a weapon against enemies. Coins were handmade by heating a silver medallion between carved blocks of iron and hammering the imprint into the soft metal. An imperfect method, each coin from the era is slightly different, unique, crude, with impressive detailing. There were many variations of the Medusa coin, due to region and date, with the style and placement of the images differing quite a bit from coin to coin. These variations make it exciting to trace the roots of each coin back to a specific time and place in history. 

The pendant weighs 7.9 grams. It is 1” x 3/4” with a 5 x 8.8 mm bail. The coin is 1/2” across and 2.4 mm thick. 

We have other Ancient Coin jewelry in our collection. The pendant is pictured here with a Bronze Byzantine Coin Pendant in 14K White Gold Mount and an Ancient Silver Tetradachm Coin Scynthian King Azes II in 14K Gold Mount.

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