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14K Gold Agate Intaglio Crest Signet Ring with Lion


This is a spectacular signet ring that dates to the 1890's. It is made of clear grey, cream colored agate, with a luminous yellow cast. The intaglio carved into the agate features a shield with a lion salient and initials on it- JBD. The shield is on a diagonal angle, a unique placement for an intaglio. The lion on its hind legs as a symbol was often used in England and represents courage and nobility. Considered the "king of beasts" this shield and signet ring was most likely that of a higher ranking noble-person or gentleman. Typically, a signet ring was used to sign important sealed documents, and for sealing envelopes with wax.

This bold ring, quite impressive in size, is a remarkable antique display of prestige. The top part of the mount of the ring is a rosier yellow gold adding a nice variation of color to the ring. At an earlier date, the intaglio was a fob. A beautiful thick 14k gold band was added to make the piece into a signet ring. 

The agate is approximately 1 x 3/4 inches and it is set into 14 KT gold, which is marked on the interior of the band. The agate is nicely polished and has crisp details. The ring is a size 8 with a band that is 3/4 inches thick. It is a fine piece of history, and makes a wonderful gift for any gentleman. The ring weighs 17.4 grams and it feels quite solid when worn. The thick band around this ring is feels quite nice to the touch. You can feel the age of this remarkable ring when it is worn.

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