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A Pair Etruscan Revival Wood & Hughes 900 Silver Salt Cellars in Original Case


This is a lovely pair of Wood & Hughes salt cellars in their original case. Each 900 silver salt cellar is elegantly engraved with the initials of Marie Theile, whose name is also written on the case lid. The cellars are each 2 inches wide, with striking Renaissance faces projecting from opposite ends. At the bottom of both of these cellars, we can see the silver content mark 900/1000 and W & H (the marker's mark). The set comes in a case that is 10 1/2 by 2 inches and still has the original label from the Silverware shop of Canal Street, New York.
The salt spoons are not the originals- they are 925 British Sterling Silver- a close match in style to the fine American Silver salt set, also fitting perfectly in the case. The heads that appear on the spoons are of Egyptian Revival design. Each spoon has a marker's mark RM over EH inside of a quatrefoil, (by Richard Martin & Ebenezer Hall) and date to 1870 Sheffield England.

This set of silver is a beautiful addition to any collection and is in great condition for its age.

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