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9K Gold Smoky Topaz Crowned Heart Pendant


This gorgeous pendant features a heart-shaped smoky topaz, topped with a 9k gold crown. The large topaz contains facets that bring out the stone’s warm, buttery tones, and the gold crown is adorned with five small pearls and hand engraved detail. The overall effect is a stunning pendant fit for royalty. 

A vintage piece, made in the fashion of the Victorian era, but with the date mark of 1965. The crowned heart has been symbolic of many things throughout the centuries. The 18th century was a time when the Rococo obsession with love had transformed the heart motif from protective talismanic meanings to become a symbol of marriage and courtship itself. When paired with the crown (a symbol of loyalty) the crowned heart came to mean “steadfast or faithful love”.

The pendant was made in Birmingham, England and contains the maker’s mark “HW&S”.  It has a 6 x 4.2mm oval bail that allows it to hang beautifully on a chain. It is 1 1/4” x 3/4” and weighs 6.59 grams. The topaz measures 19 x 19.5mm and is 18.65 carats. The five pearls that top the crown each measure about 2.7mm. 

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