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9K Gold Georgian Mourning Pin with Garnets and Pearls


Circa 1820, this 9k gold pin would have been worn in the Georgian era as a way to memorialize someone. In its center, hair is delicately braided in a glass panel. It is framed in a layered setting of intricate wirework, collet set pearls, and collet set garnets. The garnets are foiled backed, which makes them appear lively and lit from within. The 9k gold has a rosy hue to it, with a beautiful patina that highlights the intricacies of the piece. 

Originally a pin, we’ve converted this piece into a pendant by adding a 14k rose gold bail. The pendant is 3/4” x 7/8” not including the bail, which is 5 x 6.7 mm. A very old piece, the pendant is unmarked, but tests as 9k gold. There are 22 single cut garnets that measure approximately 3 mm, and 22 pearls that measure 2.25 mm. It weighs 5.65 grams. The bale is 14k rose gold. 

This piece of mourning jewelry makes a lovely pendant and is a beautiful symbol of connection to the past. 

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