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9K Gold Edwardian Snake Ring with Rhodolite Garnets


This is a classic 9k gold snake ring that has two beautiful rhodolite garnets in the head of each snake. The snake heads interlock   and the garnets are bead set into a mount that are carved to look like tulips. The oval rhodolite garnets are a deep purple pink and have a beautiful fire to their rich, reddish purple hue. The snakes have a cute mouth detail—almost like a smile—and their tails appear on each side of the ring. The wide ring band is ribbed into four sections that intertwine with the bodies of the snakes. 

Snakes are a popular motif in contemporary jewelry trends, but date back to the Victorian era, when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ruby and emerald encrusted snake engagement ring. This is a great classic version of that ring. The image of a snake is rich with symbolism—representing temptation, rebirth, knowledge, and eternal love. 

The ring is marked as 9k gold, with the marks for Chester, England and 1908.  The ring is a size 7.5 and measure 9/16” wide on top and 7/16” wide at the bottom of the band. It weighs 6.35 grams. The natural rhodolite garnets are 6 x 3.75 mm each. 

Ring size 7 - 7.5 

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