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9K Gold Edwardian Amethyst & Pearl Crowned Heart Necklace


This is a stunning 9k gold Edwardian era hand carved amethyst puffy crowned heart necklace. This large deep purple amethyst has a crown that is jeweled with ten seed pearls on one side, the other is decorated with hand engraved details. This piece hangs beautifully, hitting just below the clavicle. It’s a deep, saturated purple that adds a royal air color to the piece. 

The amethyst heart is a real treasure. When you look closely at it, the concave shape is reflective adding depth to the piece. It’s a nice size, approximately 45 carats and measuring about 1” wide by 1 “by 1/2” deep. From the top of the crown to the bottom point of the heart is 1 3/8”.  The entire piece  weighs 21 grams and hangs on a 18.5” chain. The clasp has English gold markings for 9 karat gold. The heart  has the makers mark T.L.M. for Thomas Lyster Mot from Birmingham circa 1915 and a 9 karat hallmark.

This necklace was made during the Edwardian era, and it follows a Georgian era jewelry trend with its use of the crowned heart. The 18th century was a time when the Rococo obsession with love had transformed the heart motif from protective talismanic meanings to become a symbol of marriage and courtship itself. When paired with the crown (a symbol of loyalty) the crowned heart came to mean “steadfast or faithful love”.


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