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Victorian 800 Silver Niello Watch Chain Necklace


Originally a Victorian watch chain circa 1880, this piece makes a fashionable necklace that can be worn several ways. The chain features a Figaro pattern that consists of a twisted, elongated link alternating with three smaller 8k gold links. The elongated link is detailed with niello striping, giving the chain a visual texture that is intricate and delicate at the same time. A large spring ring is also decorated with niello, and clips into a 9k gold dog clasp. These clasps can be worn at the front of the necklace, and a charm could even be clipped into the chain for added beauty, or the clasps can be worn in the back for a simple and sophisticated look that shows off the elegance of the Figaro pattern. 

Niello is a technique that uses a mixture of darker metal alloys to decorate the surface of jewelry. Much like enamel, grooves are carved out in the jewelry and filled with the niello mixture. In this chain, the niello is detailed and tiny, and creates a super tight striping effect. 

The entire chain is 15 1/2 inches, making it just big enough to be worn as a necklace. The 9k gold dog clasp is English, and we suspect it was added later, because chains like these were typically made in Germany, France, and Italy. The chain weighs 9.47 grams. This is great, versatile piece that shows off niello at its finest. 

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