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Three Headed Trimurti Hindu Gold Medallion with Rubies


Hinduism believes in a trinity of gods: Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver), and Shiva (the destroyer). 

The Trimurti collapses the three gods into a single form with three faces. Each god is in charge of one aspect of creation, with Brahma as creator, Vishnu as preserver, and Shiva as destroyer. This gold medallion is a representation of the Trimurti; three gods in a single form.                                           

A large medallion at 2 inches in diameter. It features open wire work in concentric circles. In the center is the Trimurti, three faces in bas relief with elaborate head dresses. In the center is a marquis shaped ruby measuring 8.5 mm x 4 mm. At North, East, South, West are 4 channel set square rubies 2 mm each for a total of 16 rubies and approximately 1.15 total carat weight.  The rubies are natural and slightly included, with a deep pink color.  The piece weighs 22.60 grams with the flat circular open work piece bearing marks for Italy being made in the city of Venice.  The three headed god has a 14K mark and artists signature. This most likely was a custom piece.

It is a fabulous medallion is both scale and subject matter and perfect for someone with the love of the exotic or a practicing Hindu. Namaste! 

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