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Rare Gold Rush Era 24K & 22K Gold Nugget Necklace


This is an incredible and unusual Victorian gold nugget chain necklace. It is made out of 24K gold nuggets on 22K gold plaques. It is either from the California or Alaska gold rush.
Wherever it is from the original owner of this necklace stuck it rich. A lovely necklace made of 24 segments or plaques that feature gorgeous 24 karat gold rush era nuggets. Due to their natural formation, each of the gold nuggets are uniquely shaped and vary slightly in size and paired with the vibrant plaques and connector rings, form a very striking chain.

Some segments of this necklace also have 24 karat gold nuggets attached to both sides. The necklace which is 15 inches in length has a beautiful and vibrant yellow gold color. The necklace clasps has an inscription in cursive with the name "L. Vearie".
The weight of the necklace is 64 grams, making the piece feel incredible, and weighted. The necklace has an average of 23K gold purity. The gold on the nuggets acid test to be 24K and the plaques and connector rings acid test to be 22K.

The necklace is a notable piece from the Gold Rush era, a great conversation starter and fantastic addition to any antique jewelry collection. Circa 1850s or 1890 depending on which Gold Rush.
A rare find!

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