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23K Gold Thai Baht Cannetille Necklace


This vintage Thai Baht necklace has a symmetrical design that is intricately adorned with handcrafted cannetille flowers and gold granulation detailing, which lead to the central ball. The central ball measures 18 mm in diameter, with cannatille mirrored hearts. When worn, it hangs just below the clavicle, measuring 17 1/2 inches, and could be worn alone or layered. The 23K gold has a brilliant intense yellow color, that looks stunning against a black top or bare skin. The chain is handwoven, with interlocking loops creating golden ropelike effect, measuring 3mm in thickness. It has an open S clasp, marked 23K, which is convenient to open and close. The weight of the piece is 38.2 grams.

In Thailand, gold baht jewelry is gifted at all stages of ones life, as a financial investment that can also be worn. “Baht” is the Thai word for their currency, and this type of jewelry is treated as both a precious metal, a gift, and an investment that can be exchanged for money. Baht jewelry usually contains 96.5% gold purity which is about 23 karat weight; it is durable, yet soft enough to be shaped and delicately crafted; it can be worn everyday without tarnishing or corroding, with a striking deep yellow tone.

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