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22K Gold Victorian Signet Pinky Ring with Phoenix Rising


Made in London in 1868, this 22k gold Victorian signet ring contains the image of a phoenix rising from the ashes. The image is hand engraved into the gold for a fluid, subtle look that is perfect for a pinky ring. The hand engravings are simplistic, using the minimal amount of strokes—the graceful and deliberate work of a highly skilled engraver. Underneath the phoenix is a crescent moon that adds balance to the design.  The ancient legend of the phoenix is infamous: when the phoenix reaches the end of its life, it catches on fire and burns to ashes, only to be reborn a better version than before. The metaphor is a reminder that sometimes catastrophe is necessary for growth, and after a great loss or disappointment, you can rise from the ashes wiser, stronger, and more empathetic. 

This is an understated ring; the image isn’t obvious at first glance. Like the evolution of the phoenix, growth brings humility. We thought it profound that the powerful image is downplayed to match the diminutive nature of the ring. It can worn as a quiet, humble reminder of personal triumph. 

The ring contains several marks: a lion for London, an N for 1868, the profile of the queen, 22 for 22k gold. It also contains a maker’s mark, which has been obscured from wear (the 22k gold is soft and more likely to wear). 

The ring weighs 6 grams. The oval signet measures approximate 1/2” x 3/8”. 

Ring size 4.5, this is ideal for a pinky finger. The ring could potentially be resized, but would need to be done so carefully in order to keep the marks in tact. 

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