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22K Gold Ring with Ancient Greek Mother and Cub Lion Intaglio


This 22k gold ring contains an Ancient Greek intaglio of a lion nursing her cub, carved into banded agate. Lions were often depicted in Greek imagery, but a nursing lion was rarely seen. This is a unique intaglio, and its details—the tiny paws, faces, and tails of the mother lion and her cub—make it a very special piece. The banded agate contains a lovely differentiation of grey and blue shades cutting across the stone. 

The ring that the intaglio is set into is made of 22k gold and fashioned in the style of Etruscan Revival jewelry. This is a vintage ring, designed to incorporate the Ancient Greek centerpiece. Handmade, granulated balls form triangles that frame the intaglio. The banded agate is bezel set, and the sides of the band have a motif of wrapped gold wire. The 22k gold is hand-hammered, made by a vintage artisan to emulate the style of Greek and Etruscan Revival jewelry, creating a setting appropriate for the intaglio, with the feel of an artifact. The ring is completely handmade, just as it would have been in ancient times. 

The details of the intaglio are indicative of ancient pieces. We are unsure of a specific date for the intaglio, but we know it is from Ancient Greece. Based on similar rings, we believe the vintage ring setting was also made by a Greek artisan. It is marked with “CTC” and “THC” as well as “22k”. 

The ring weighs 12 grams. The intaglio is 9 x 11 mm. The face of the ring is approximately 7/8” x 11/16”. The overall shape of the band is oblong, but fits a ring size 7.5. 

A truly spectacular piece that bridges multiple eras and contains a historical treasure. 

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