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Vintage 22K Gold Maija Neimanis Bee Earrings


These 22k gold bee earrings are handmade by the artist Maija Neimanis. The primitive bee design and granulation are Etruscan Revival design elements—giving these earrings the look of an archetypal bee that seems unearthed from an Etruscan archeological site. Maija’s skilled craftsmanship is evident, as each tiny granulated ball was carefully placed by hand. The buttery yellow glow of the high karat gold is wonderful, and these unique earrings look great on! 

Maija Neimanis was a Latvian-American designer who lived from 1940-2015. She was an award winning costume designer for TV and film. Although she began designing jewelry later in life, she was accomplished and creative, and came by her jewelry talent naturally with her skilled eye. After taking a course at the Jewelry Arts Institute in New York, Maija left costuming and began a three year intensive study in granulation, enameling, and ancient jewelry making techniques. She was drawn to historical design elements and is known for her work with granulation and high karat gold. 

Each earrings measures 1 1/4” x 1”. Combined, the earrings weigh 17.7 grams. They are signed on the back and marked as 22k. The earring backs are 18k and are marked 750. 

The earrings have an 18k gold post and omega back, making them secure and comfortable to wear. Circa 1990-2000

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