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22K and 14K Gold Nugget Crescent Moon Pendant


This blue moon pendant is from the Alaskan Gold Rush era. On the front of the pendant are pieces of 22k Alaskan gold, which have been carefully soldered on top of a crescent moon 14k gold cutout. The encrusted gold nuggets create a beautiful visual texture. A lovely patina shadows the crevices of the gold, drawing the eye to the unique shape of each nugget. In the center of the pendant is a sliver of blue lapis, which contains natural flecks of mica that compliment the gold.

“Native Gold Nuggets” is engraved on the back of the pendant, signifying that the piece is from the Alaskan Gold Rush of 1896-1899, and was most likely sold by the Inuit people to the tourist trade.

The lapis stone was cut and put in by Kirsten’s Corner, restoring the piece to the condition of its original state. It was once a brooch, but a rabbit-ear bail has been added so that it can be worn on a chain. The pin stem was carefully removed, making this a great contemporary piece.

The piece is 22k gold on the front and is backed in 14k gold. It weighs 7.6 grams. The height of the crescent moon is an inch and a half, with a 6mm bail. It looks great as a necklace, and the chain shown in the picture is also available for purchase through the store.

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