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22-24K Gold Nugget Necklace


This fabulous necklace is comprised of 33 stunning gold nuggets. Each nugget, individually created by nature, has its own unique shape, and the nuggets have been beautifully matched—choosing flattened and elongated forms that subtly ascend in size and length, drawing the eye to the way each nugget flows into the next.  The free form dimensions of the nuggets are organic and poetic, highlighting the buttery gold and extraordinary crevices. This is a beautiful display of gold in its natural, unaltered state.

The hook and eye closure of the clasp is indicative of the Alaskan Gold Rush. It’s rare to come across a gold nugget chain with this length and weight, and this is the first one like it that we’ve come across.

Gold nuggets are formed by hot fluids flowing through cracks deep in the Earth’s crust. Weather eventually releases the nuggets into streams and bodies of water, where they are shaped by erosion and time.

The nuggets in this necklace are tested to be 22-24k gold, and the links that hold the nuggets together acid test as 10k. The chain is 26 1/2” long and weighs 71 grams.

circa 1900

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