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Vintage 21K Gold Delicate Ribbonlike Chain


This 21k gold vintage chain was made with delicate and refined craftsmanship. When examined carefully, you can see that the chain was constructed with two tiny curb link chains butted up against each other, which allows the chain to lay flat and gives it a wispy quality. It is reminiscent of a beautiful ribbon that might be used to tie back long, flowing hair. The high karat gold is warm and buttery, and the chain feels light, graceful, and very feminine. 

The chain is 19 3/4” in length and is 1/16” wide. It is marked 21k on the lobster clasp. It weighs 4.45 grams. 

The chain lays flat in a way that can accommodate many different styles of pendants. In fact, we often use it in our photos because it is so versatile. It also looks beautiful worn alone. 

Due to the delicate nature of this chain, it has some imperfections in the form of slight bends in some of the links. This doesn’t detract from the beauty of the piece and is not noticeable when worn.

Circa 1980. 

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