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21.6K Gold Indian Cannetille Earrings with Multi Color Enamel

This pair of dangling 21.6 karat yellow gold Indian Cannetille earrings have many layers of red, blue and green enamel, decorated with yellow gold beads and rich wire-work detail. The Cannetille or gold wire work on these scrolling earrings is a real gem! They dangle down in four separate segments or round motifs- at the top is a beaded golden flower, and below cascade bulbous layers. The earrings resemble a budding flower or multi colors. They are a vintage pair made in the 1980s, most likely for a special occasion, or a traditional Indian wedding. The earrings weigh 6.3 grams and measure approximately 3/4 of an inch. They are beautiful, floral and feminine. They are marked 90 on the back for 21.6 karats of gold. A lovely vintage pair, perfect for any collection.

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