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19th Century Indian Silver Repousse Oval Flower Box

A beautiful antique silver box made by hand hammering. This repousse box comes from India circa 1880 and is made in a very organic oval form, featuring all the handmade charms and qualities of antique repousse work. The oval lid has a central flower that appears to be a poppy, and surrounding this central shape is an uninterrupted pattern of flowers connected by tendrils. The sides too have been hand hammered, and these are bulging out creating a nice organic form of separate segments in-between beaded forms. The soft box has been inspired by natural elements, not only in form but also in design. The sliding latch on this box is quite curious, as it connects to the central flower and allows for the box to open and close. From one of the edges as if on a projecting silver bead are three short chains, attached perhaps to create the soundtrack for the box. When carried, this portable box with beaded chains or bangles makes a lovely sound, much like some Buddhist ritual objects. The box measures 3 x 4 inches by 1.5 inches tall. Opens and closes perfectly. A beautiful oval box, with wonderful silver detail work, a charming box to hold special objects in.

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