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19th Century Bohemian Sandwich Glass Perfume Bottle with Silver Lid


This antique perfume glass bottle is a rare collectible with a bold design. It is made from blown glass and meticulously cut crystal. It has three layers of glass cut back using the "sandwich glass" technique to create a decorative patterning. This type of glasswork is rare for a perfume bottle in this condition.

There is an original glass stopper with lots of detail that fits perfectly on top and is covered by an ornate floral silver hinged-lid. There is a flower and leaf pattern on the lid and around the silver collar of the bottle. The chase work on the silver is beautiful. While not marked the lid acid tests to be sterling silver. This is a great example of Bohemian glass work from the 1880's with a mysterious design - white, salmon pink and clear glass - almost like a stained glass window. The perfume bottle is 3 1/2 by 1 1/4 inches and is perfect for a luxurious fragrance.

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