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Cannetille 14K Gold Necklace, with Sapphires and Garnets

A gorgeous 19th century Cannetille necklace, featuring rhodolite garnets and white sapphires. The stunning pendant on a necklace is a fine example of Cannetille gold work, which is similar to filigree work. It features fine gold wires that curl around thinly hammered sheets that have been sculpted into leaves. The pendant is composed of two sections; the top, which can also be worn as a brooch is 2 x 1.5 inches, the drop that connects to the top piece is 1.75 by .75 inches. Each section features a wonderful floral arrangement of gems, some in tear drop form, but all brightly multifaceted, refracting light and exuberance. The largest central garnet is 6mm in diameter, and the tear drop shaped ones measure approximately 5 x 6 mm. The round white sapphires are 2mm in size. The hammered sheets of gold are excellently crafted, every detail of the gold wire work is of the highest quality and craftsmanship. You can see that Cannetille was inspired by embroidery and nature. This wonderful necklace displays the aesthetic tastes of the era- of nostalgia and romance. Makes a wonderful addition to a jewelry collection.

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