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1920s Alvin Sterling Silver Flask

An Alvin Sterling Silver flask, with the letter JDM engraved on the front. The face of the flask has an engine turned pattern of simple but precise lines. The cap of the bottle opens and closes firmly- a twisting mechanism seals it shut so that it can carry liquids safely. The interior of the lid has original cork from the 1910-20s. It measures 7 inches by 4-1/4 inches wide. The design of the bottle has some Art Deco-elements: angular lines and a sharp minimal look. It has a curved form on the back and holds a rectangular shape. It has minor dents at the base, but these do not detract from the beauty of this flask. Perfect for any occasion, this silver bottle is an elegant accessory. Numbers on the interior of the lid indicate the pattern: 204 and that it can hold 5/8th's of a pint. Marked Alvin and Sterling. Weight: 210 grams

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