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19.2K Gold Portuguese Shell-shaped Earrings with Pearls and Rubies


These 19.2k gold earrings are small, but have stunning theatricality to them—like tiny versions of an ornate architectural detail. Each earring is a beautifully rendered shell, opened to reveal a pearl at the bottom. The shell sits on a half-dome of caliber cut rectangular rubies that give the earrings dimension. The backs of the shells have lifelike texture, another level of attention to detail. The sculptural clam shell and pearl are reminiscent of classic Venus in the half-shell imagery and express the same beauty and elegance as the Botticelli painting. 

The earrings are hallmarked on the back of the clasp as well as the stem of the earring. They contain the hallmarks for 800 gold (19.2k) and the years 1938-1984. There are 5 caliber cut rubies on each earring, ten in total, each measuring approximately 1.5 mm across approximately 1/2 carat of rubies. 

Combined, the earrings weigh 6.5 grams. They are 1/2” tall and 7/16” wide. They open and close with a tightly secured clasp. For pierced ears. 

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