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19.2K Gold Portuguese Cannetille Dangle Earrings with Bow


Acquired on a recent trip to Portugal, these 19.2k dangle earrings are a stunning example of the workmanship and high karat gold that make Portuguese jewelry so special. Suspended from a flower top is an adorable bow with a chandelier-like structure consisting of twisted wire and balls. Each layer of the dangle is adorned with a different pattern of intricate detailing, and the overall effect is like an elegant golden wedding cake. Cannetille is the French word for “embroidery” and the gold wire of these earrings functions like embroidery thread, looping and weaving to create spirals, florals, and tiny beehive patterns on the surface of the gold. The earrings have nice movement, are fun and flirty, and the high karat of the gold gives them an incredible glow. 

Portuguese jewelry is known for a high level of workmanship and skill, as well as the incorporation of antique jewelry designs. These vintage earrings feature back entry clasps—the antique way of fastening earrings, keeping in the tradition of Victorian and Etruscan Revival design elements. 

These delicate earrings are completely handmade. They are marked as 800 gold (19.2k) and contain the date mark for jewelry made between 1938-1984. They weigh 5.3 grams and are approximate 1 3/4” x 3/8”. 

For pierced ears. 

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