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Vintage 19.2K Gold Cannetille Portuguese Bracelet


This beautiful Portuguese bracelet incorporates Etruscan Revival design elements, but with details indicative of the high quality jewelry of Portugal. Made in 19.2k gold—the standard for Portuguese gold—the bracelet consists of half-dome links decorated with intricate cannetille. Blue enamel gives a pop of color, while gold wirework and granulation make a series of concentric circles in a floral design. Each half-dome is held together by textured oblong links. The result is a delicate bracelet that resembles a daisy chain. 

Portuguese jewelry is known for its detail and gold work, and this bracelet is no exception. When viewed under a loop, the cannetille work is astounding. Each gold wire is wrapped into a tiny loop, done with incredible attention to detail. Canetille is the French word for “embroidery”, which is the perfect description for the threadlike loops of the wirework. The bracelet is marked on the clasp as 800 gold (19.2k) and contains the date mark for 1938-1984. 

The bracelet weighs 5.6 grams. It is 7 3/8” long and the eleven half-dome links are 5/16” wide. 

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