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18K Gold Etruscan Revival Victorian Natural Coral Bead Earrings



These very special earrings are Etruscan Revival, made of 18 karat gold with dangling beaded coral gemstones. Inspired by the Etruscans, jewelers implemented the use of wirework, beading, filigree and granulation. The gold wirework on these earrings features flowers, and many tiny gold beads. They are hand made, which make them even more special. The earrings are made of many tiny deep pink and peach coral beads, most likely from the Italian Mediterranean sea. The beads are approximately 1mm in size, making it incredibly hard to hand drill holes into each one- then these have been hand-strung together. The beaded corals come together at the top in the bright yellow 18 karat gold wirework and textured dome, which is the typical organic ball form seen in much Etruscan Revival jewelry- but this one has been halved. The coral beaded tendrils like those of a jellyfish hang down and are looped gracefully. The gold filigree work on these is truly stunning, and when looped you can further admire the hand-made qualities. Under a loop you can also see some tiny fragments of gold wire missing- one or two- but these are barely noticeable. 

The color of these earrings, the yellow of the gold and the hot coral reds are so saturated that together they are very dramatic. These earrings are breathtaking. They hang a little over 3 inches in size. The strings of coral are approximately 2-1/4 inches, and the gold part of the earrings is approximately 1/4 inch in size.

In England in the early Victorian period, people wore coral beads in jewelry pieces, from charms to brooches, to earrings- it was the most desired natural gemstone, considered quite exotic for its organic sea origins.

These earrings would make an unforgettable gift or fabulous addition to your antique jewelry collection.

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