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18K Gold Vintage Green Moonstone Cabochon Dangle Earring


A gorgeous pair of 18 karat gold dangle earrings with glowing apple green moonstone cabochon stones. The stones are bezel set, and have an adularescent quality, appearing to emanate light from within. These moonstones are truly magical. They offer yellow, green and blue hues with a overall green color cast. Green is a rare color for moonstones.

The moonstones are a nice size, they are gorgeous large stones, the top stones measures about 10 x 22 x 15 mm and the bottom stones measures about 10 x 26 x 15 mm. Together, both earrings have about 120 carats of moonstones. 

The earrings weigh 29 grams and measure 2 “ from top to bottom. They are about 3/4” at the widest point. They have an omega back, with the ear wire that coming half way down, allowing them to rest high on the ear without being weighed down. 

A beautiful design with incredible color, these earrings are a treasure. 

Moonstone is associated with the heart chakra. It is said to enhance passion, sensitivity, intuition, physical abilities, and to bring good fortune. Moonstone is also said to calm emotions and can rid your heart of grief. 

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