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Victorian 18K Gold Hardstone Warrior Cameo Locket


Held in a triangular shaped locket is a beautiful hard-stone cameo depicting a helmeted warrior. The helmet’s visor is lifted, revealing the face of a bearded man with a strong profile. The cameo is encircled in an 18k gold triangular frame. The open framework contains roses and leaves, and its elegant detail contrasts nicely against the black and white of the cameo.

The back of the locket opens up, and the cameo can be removed from the piece, allowing a small photograph to be added to the back of the cameo if desired. Adding a photograph of your own could make this piece into a talisman for protection or a symbol of having someone watch over you.

This is a European piece, marked 18k, with an unidentified maker’s mark resembling a tiny caliper. The original bail—adorned with a rose— is still in tact, making this locket even more special.

The piece weighs 4.15 grams. The triangular locket is approximately 1”x1”. The bail is 4.7mm x 6.7mm.

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