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18K Gold Vintage Manneken Pis Charm or Pendant


The Manneken Pis, or the “Little Pissing Man” is a landmark in Brussels famous for depicting a small boy urinating into the basin of a fountain. Built in 1618, it captures Belgian humor and is one of the most famous symbols for Brussels. Legend has it that in the Middle Ages, the territory that is now Brussels was under attack. A small boy was lifted up above the troops, and he urinated on the enemy soldiers, causing them to lose the battle. 

This little Manneken Pis is made from 18k gold and stands 7/8” high and 3/8” wide, with a 5.6 mm circular bail. It weighs 4.85 grams. The charm has wonderful detail that is true to the real life statue it replicates. It stands on a tiny square podium that reads “ Bruxelles” and is marked with “750” as well as an unidentified maker’s mark. It is the perfect size to wear on a chain as a pendant, or stacked on a charm bracelet with other charms. 

Wearing this Manneken Pis is a great reminder not to take life too seriously—sometimes the toughest battles are won with clever ideas and a good sense of humor. 

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