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18K Gold Vintage Cartier 1/4 oz. Gold Ingot Bar Pendant


The ingot gold bar pendant is an iconic Cartier piece, circa the 1970’s and highly collectable today. These 18k gold bars come in four sizes— 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., 1/2 oz., and 1 oz—trapezoidal in shape and hand engraved with “Cartier” on the side of the bar in a font that is detailed with subtle striping. The design is simple, sleek, and geometric. The back of the bar has a slight dip to it, a nice touch that allows you to imagine how the gold was actually poured. The bottom of the bar is engraved with “1/4 oz.” in the same iconic Cartier font.

The pendant is marked on the back with the copyright, 18k, and Cartier.  It measures 11/16” x 5/16” with an additional 5 x 8 mm bail. It weighs 8.02 grams.

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