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18K Gold Victorian Snake Bracelet with Rubies and Diamonds


The beauty of this Victorian bracelet is how simply it depicts two intertwined snakes. The design uses only what’s needed: an 18k gold band twisted into a bypass with a snake head on each end. Minimalist engravings on the top of each snake’s head allude to the idea of snakeskin continuing down the body of the band. For a bit of asymmetry, one of the snakes contains a ruby surrounded by a starburst pattern, while the other snake has a diamond and slightly more elaborate engravings to its snake scales. Tiny bezel set diamonds represent the eyes of the snakes. 

Snake jewelry became popular in the Victorian era when Prince Albert gave Queen Victoria a ruby and emerald encrusted snake engagement ring, and has not fallen out of fashion since.  The image of a snake is rich with symbolism—representing temptation, rebirth, knowledge, and eternal love.

The natural Transitional Cut diamond measures 4 mm and weighs .25 of a carat. The natural antique ruby is 4 mm with high tables. Both stones are flush mounted smoothly into the piece. The tiny diamonds in the eyes are natural Rose Cut diamonds. The bracelet is unmarked and acid tests as 18k gold. 

At its widest point, the bracelet is 5/8”. It is 3/16” at its narrowest point. It weighs 17.5 grams. The bracelet has a safety clasp, and clicks into place at two points for added security. Fits a 6.75” wrist. 

Circa 1900. 

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