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18K Gold Capped Victorian Large Coral Cornicello Pendant


Circa the Victorian era, this beautifully polished piece of natural branch coral has an organic form and rich salmon color. The coral has a waxy patina and glows the way only Victorian coral can. It has a lovely elongated shape, capped with an 18k gold repeating leaf foliate motif.  The growth patterns and natural details of the coral are visible, and because a piece of branch coral this size is hard to find, this is a rare piece. 

Acquired on a recent trip to Amsterdam, we believe this piece to be Dutch made. It was originally a seal that had never had a cypher, or monogram, added to it. We thought it would make a perfect pendant, so we added an 18k gold bail with a matte finish to match the antique nature of the piece. The 18k gold cap, intended to be a cypher, is hand-carved with bright cut work—creating a pattern of leaves from tiny punched in cut marks. The gold has a great patina that we left in tact, as it is part of the antique charm of the piece. 

The large pendant has presence on the neck. It looks great alone, but also stacks beautifully with other charms. It is pictured here on our Signature Handmade Dog Bone Link Chain. 

The pendant weighs 16.76 grams. The coral measures 2 1/2” x 3/8”. The 18k gold cap is 3/4” x  9/16” x 1/2” with a 6.6 x 9 mm bail. The piece is unmarked. 

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