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18K Gold Victorian Egyptian Revival Nekhbet Necklace with Diamonds and Pearls


This 18k gold two-sided French Victorian Egyptian Revival pendant necklace features the portrait of the goddess Nekhbet, surrounded by a lace-like halo of pearls and Rose Cut diamonds. Circa the 1880’s, the portrait is exquisite and the detail is crisp and impeccable, despite the age of the piece. The back of the medallion has a circle of hieroglyphics that include a bird, crow, sphinx, and other intricate shapes. The lacy border is lovely, with pearls that are beaded through the twisted wirework so that they can spin in their settings. The Rose Cut diamonds are folded into the gold in quatrefoil flower settings. The 18k gold has a beautiful glow to it, and this piece is truly a treasure from the past. 

Nekhbet was the goddess of childbirth in ancient Egyptian religion and mythology. She is typically depicted wearing a vulture headdress or as a being with a vulture head and human body. She was considered the protector of Upper Egypt. She is often seen in Victorian era jewelry, as part of the Egyptian Revival of the 1880’s. 

The pendant contains the French hallmark of the eagle on its bail (the standard French mark for 18k gold). There are four 1.25 mm Rose Cut diamonds and four 1.5 mm pearls. The pendant measures 1” across. Because the pendant’s bail was too narrow to fit over most clasps, we added an 18k gold 18” chain. The chain has a jump ring that allows it to be clasped at 16.5” as well as 18”. The chain is marked as 18k. The necklace weighs 6.7 grams. 

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