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18K Gold Victorian Eagle Intaglio Signet Ring


On the oval surface of this 18k gold family crest signet ring, a hand-carved eagle outstretches its wings. Its legs extend, as if the bird were taking flight or about to land. Underneath the eagle is a small bar, a symbol that denotes that the signet is a family crest. This intaglio image is carefully and deeply carved into the surface of the signet, making it the ideal signet for a wax seal. We’ve pictured its reverse image here in clay. 

Signet rings are a classic unisex ring that have never lost their popularity—a timeless look just as fashionable today as it was in the Victorian era. Circa 1890’s, the ring is unmarked but acid tests as 18k gold. It has a wonderful weight; at 16.2 grams, it feels great on the hand. The face of the signet measures 5/8” x 1/2”.  The ring has some minor scratches, as would be expected with a ring of this age. 

Ring size 7.75. 

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