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18K Gold Signet Ring with Heraldic Shield


This 18k gold signet ring has an oval-shaped top with a beautifully brushed finish, in which a master engraver engraved a heraldic seal. The seal features a shield and coat of arms, topped with knight’s armor and framed by scrolling foliate. The detail within the shield is astounding: on one half there is weaponry, on the other half is an outline of a castle. Tiny lines create a border around the shield, and a plume of feathers sits above the armor. 

This is an old ring, circa 1880. The inside of the ring is marked 18k and has a worn maker’s mark. At the bottom of the ring is the remnants of the letter P. 

Signet rings, which contain symbols, like initials or family crests, that represent the ring’s wearer, have been around for centuries and are very popular in today’s fashion. They are a great way to wear a piece of history that tells a story from long ago. This ring would look great as a woman’s ring or a man’s pinky ring. It is a size 7.5 and could be resized up or down. 

The ring weighs 13.6 grams. The signet is 3/4” x 5/8”. 

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