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18K Gold Edwardian Sandstone Orb Fob


Set in an 18k gold filigree fob, this Golden Sandstone orb has a mesmerizing sparkle. The orb rotates, giving the piece movement that enhances the stone's unique glittering effect. The scrolling motif of the 18k gold setting creates a beautiful frame for the orb to sit in. The stone is capped with floral, fluid circles on both top and bottom, revealing the lovely attention to detail put into crafting this piece. 

Gold Sandstone is known as the Stone of Ambition, and is considered to bring creativity, focus, and the ability to achieve one’s goals. It dates back to the 17th century and, according to legend, was invented by monks experimenting with alchemy. The sandstone in this fob seems to represent the world—maybe the Stone of Ambition in this pendant could be worn as a symbol that the world is within your reach! 

The pendant measures 1” from top to bottom; the orb itself measures approximately 3/4” in diameter. The oval bail is 4.6 x 7 mm. The pendant weighs 13.25 grams. 

Circa the 1900, this sandstone orb is the Edwardian era predecessor to the disco ball! 

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