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18K Gold Oval Yellow Diamond and Diamond Ring


This beautiful 18k gold ring features a central yellow diamond surrounded by six sparkling white diamonds. The contrast is lovely: the yellow diamond is held in 18k yellow gold, which brings out the yellow color of the diamond, while the white diamonds are set into the 18k white gold band, keeping the white and yellow diamonds in sync with the metals they are set in. The central diamond is oval, which has become a popular shape in engagement rings. The ring makes a great classic engagement ring, or could be worn for any occasion to bring beauty and sparkle to the hand. 

Yellow color in diamonds is usually caused by small amounts of nitrogen contained within the diamond’s crystal structure. The nitrogen molecules absorb blue light, turning the stone yellow. The diamond in this ring grades as Fancy Light Yellow in color and VSI in clarity. It is 1 carat and measures as 6.78 x 5.23 x 3.68 mm.

The six white diamonds are G-H in color, VSII- SLI in clarity. In total, the ring contains .35 of a carat of white diamonds. 

On the inside of the band, the ring is marked 2000, 750, D1.00, d0.35. The ring weighs 2.91 grams.

Size 6, with the ability to be resized. 

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