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Victorian 18K Gold Portrait Miniature Enamel Brooch with Rose Cut Diamond


This far-east style pin is hand painted with stunning detail in enamel. The woman pictured on the front wears golden jewelry and colorful robes. Her expression is confident and calm, she inspires a sense of dignity when worn. The painting is so intricate and crisp; it appears to have been painted first and inlaid from behind. In her head dress is a sparkling rose cut diamond. Although the diamond is small, it retains a bright and sparkling presence. There is an intricate pattern of brite cut engravings on the surface. The brooch is in very good condition retaining all the beautiful enamel details in the painting. It weighs 2.7 grams and measures 1 inch in diameter. The center is subtly concave. This is an amazing and rare pin, bursting with detail, color and personality.

While not marked this piece acid test to be 18k gold.

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