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18K Gold Modernist Circle Motif Cuff Bracelet Circa 1970


Reminiscent of the Olympic rings, this fabulous cuff bracelet consists of a center circle mirrored by circles layered on each side. Circa the 1970’s, this modernist bracelet uses negative space to create a bold presence on the wrist, while still having a light, open, airy feel. The sculptural nature of the piece makes it feel like a work of art. Sophisticated and playful, the olympian design makes this the champion of bracelets! 

The bracelet weighs 51 grams. It has an interior measurement of 5 3/4”; the open cuff allows it to fit wrist size 5.75"-6 3/4” Width: 1 3/8". Thickness: 1.5 mm. Each circle measures 1 1/4" across, with 4 mm width to the circular band of gold. The gold is unmarked but tests as 18k. 

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